You are Dew Yoga.

Dear Dew Yoga,

You are Dew Yoga.

When you show up to practice for You, you are actually making it possible for all of us to be at Dew Yoga. Your class fees help to pay our amazing teachers and take care of our beautiful space.

In the last week, donations for our fundraiser have started showing up too, including $100 gift from two Yoginis that visited us from Philadelphia last week. They felt so moved by what we offer they mailed in a gift.

If you can support the sliding scale and scholarship funds at Dew, you are showing up for many of the very special people who might be right on the mat next to you. Some of the people who have benefitted from sliding scale and free classes are:

A single mother of 4, doing her employment and parenting job single handedly with no extra budget for Yoga but plenty of need for balance in her life.
A school teacher with low income who lends their time and love teaching Yoga to children in after school programs.
A young woman who suffered a car accident and has been unable to return to work due to chronic pain.
A yogi who cares for their spouse on disability.
A yogi with stage 4 cancer, unable to return to work.
An aspiring yoga teacher, 18 years young working full time and still challenged to make ends meet living on their own.
Several Yogis in a long term recovery from addiction, yoga supporting their journey.
Several young men and women coming out of college with debt, taking entry level jobs and little budget for Yoga.

These yogis and so many others bring their hearts and souls into class with you. They also offered their support throughout the year whenever Dew could benefit from non-monetary assistance.

We are also lawyers, doctors, business owners, accountants, librarians, realtors, mechanics, admins, managers and executives at many of the large corporations in the area and so much more. When you need a professional service, ask us. If you have a service to provide, share with us so we can support your business too.

You all make it a community and a success.

If you can afford to contribute with a monetary gift, we assure you it will be good value for our long term sustainability. We assure you, it will be appreciated.

You can leave a cash or check gift in the jar at the studio. A credit card gift to the “Pay it Forward” account can be made at the desk.

Love and Gratitude,
Dew Yoga

Announcing Dew Yoga’s All Day Open House Fundraiser

Dear Friends,

We are so excited to announce the All Day Open House Fundraiser!

As the availability of Yoga classes has exploded around us more and more, people are incorporating Yoga into their routine. This is a beautiful thing for the greatest good!

It also creates a wide array of choices for students to explore. While attractive pricing for classes may draw a crowd, we remain committed to our diverse selection of classes and the highest quality of teaching and environment. Our Open House is a day for us to demonstrate Why Do Yoga at Dew. We will also be raising funds to support our sliding scale and sponsored classes to maintain our missions – Make Yoga accessible to all. Offer diversity to diversity.

As Summer moves us to the vibrant outdoors, it becomes low season for indoor Yoga classes. A robust turn out for this event will help us to attract new friends to the studio and keep us financially secure through summer. Please do what you can to support your community. We are already receiving monetary gifts in advance of this event! There are many ways to help us to do what we do best – YOGA, SERVICE, WELLNESS!  Read below for ways you can help.

With love, respect and gratitude,

Here’s the class schedule and eats, treats, and shopping schedule for the day!

eats treats and shopping class schedule open house

All Day Open House Fundraiser!

Classes by donation! All are welcome! Bring the kids, bring the neighbors. Drop by for class or more, to say hello, shop, snack or treat yourself to a massage, henna or health evaluation. ALL donations support our sliding scale and scholarship fund. Dew Yoga’s mission is to make Yoga accessible to all. See class schedule and details below!

all day

Class schedule!

8-9:15am Vigorous Vinyasa with Connie

8-9:15am Kundalini Yoga with Jackie

9:30-10:45am Kripalu + Live Music with Jen and Josh

9:45-10:45am B-Yoga with Ahmad

11-12pm Prenatal with Lissa

11-12pm Beginner Yoga with Alexis

12:15-1pm Meditation + Aromatherapy with Rita

12:15-1:15pm Music, Movement, Meditation with Josh

1:30-2:15 Hula Hooping with Amy

2:30-3:30pm Power Yoga with Aimee

2:30-3:30pm Little Yogis ages 3-5 with Sage

3:30-4:30pm Gentle Yoga with Ann

3:45-4:45pm Kids Yoga ages 5-12 with Sage

3:45-4:45pm Arm Balance Playshop with Corti

4:30-5pm Nada Yoga with Ann

5-5:30pm 5 Tibetans with Tom

5-6pm Yoga Nidra + Sound Healing with Allie and Rowena


Eats, Treats, and Shopping schedule!

9-3pm Chair Massage and Henna with Charlie

10:30-1:30pm Reflexology with Laura

10-1pm Chinese Medicine Evaluations and Acupuncture with Mark

10-1pm Yevo Tastings with Paula

10-2pm SolarCity Home Assessments with Rich

10-2pm Funky Hippie Trunk Show with Nikki

10-3pm Natural Comfort Kitchen with Tessa

10-3pm Smartactiveeco Active Wear with Chandni

10-3pm Fitness Evaluation with a personal trainer

11-1pm Create Your Own Prayer Flag with Rebecca

12:30-2pm Community Knitting Project with Viki

3-4:45pm Oracle Card Readings and Energy Healing with Allie

3:45-4:45pm Juicing Info and Demo with Aimee

Miracle Ball Workshop with Rita Trieger

June 6th, 2015 12:30-2:00pm
Set yourself free and experience your body in a whole new way as you learn to release stress and accumulated tension in the low back, hips, rib cage, and shoulders. Join Rita Trieger as she expertly guides you towards deep surrender using gentle yoga stretches coupled with the magic of the Miracle Ball Method. Muscles are gently kneaded, massaged, and soothed, allowing bones and joints to realign, and muscles and soft tissue to absorb oxygen, triggering deep relaxation and healing. You’ll notice improvements in sleep habits and energy levels, as well as with your yoga practice. Prepare to float out of this workshop! Cost is 35 dollars per person and pre registration is required.

Yoga on the Wall with Connie Adamcio

  • Enjoy this 2 hour format Wall Yoga class. Connie will guide you through flow and steady holds of poses, fine-tuning alignment, using the wall for reference, leverage, and support. All levels of yoga experience are welcome. Cost is $35/person. Sign up is required.
  • 2015-04-18T10:30
  • 2 hours

Monthly Chakra Meditation with Hope Stanger

  • May is the month for focusing on our 4th chakra, the color green, which governs our heart center. This chakra houses the seed of our emotions and feelings and ultimately allows for healthy, balanced relationships – both with ourselves and others. It is a time for us to connect with our concept of love, learned and developed from early on – loving and being loved; worthiness, rejection, intimacy and grief. Our “life stories” help form our ability to have relationships that support healthy, vibrant love. This month, we will identify our own personal relationship with love, clear out any wounded space in the chakra and open our energy centers and our hearts to more profound love.
  • 2015-05-15T18:45
  • 1 hour

Hope Stanger is a holistic therapist and nutritional counselor in Stamford, CT, and the founder of Therapy Beyond Walls, Healing Trauma, Relationships and Eating Disorders. You can read about her at

Monthly Chakra Meditation with Hope Stanger

Natural Allergy Prevention Class with Laura Depreta

  • Laura DePreta’s Natural Allergy prevention class will show you alternative remedies to deal with seasonal allergies, environmental allergies, colds due to allergies, and more. It is empowering to have even a small tool kit, to help yourself and your loved ones, rather than always running to the doctor. Let’s discuss herbs, homeopathic remedies, energy medicine, how foods heal or harm, and more. Cost is 20 dollars per person or one class card punch. Pre-registration is required, so please email us to reserve your space.
  • 2015-03-24T11:00
  • One hour

Yin Class Special with Laurie Jordan

  • Yin Yoga targets and nourishes the large joints- hips, shoulders, and low back- utilizing long holds, gravity and lots of props to open up, promote healing and consciously relax into postures. Cost is 20 dollars or one class card punch. Pre-registration is required. To reserve your space, email us.
  • 2015-05-15T17:15
  • 1 hour 30 minutes

Dew Knitting Group with Viki Boyko!

  • Come connect with the community and learn new tricks for knitting! Did you know that knitting is good for you? The rhythmic, repetitive movements can calm the heart rate and breathing, creating a feeling of stability and inner quiet. While you fine your groove- much like in a meditation or a yoga practice- problems that threaten to overwhelm you begin to take a backseat. No sign-up required.
  • 2015-03-03T17:30
  • An hour and a half.