Intermediate Breath Practice and Instruction with Jen Irwin

  • Take time to learn and practice these powerful energy management tools; bandhas, kappalabhati, anulom viloma and agni sera. Knowledge of basic yoga three part breath (dirgha) is required. Please do not eat a big meal before this class. This class is not appropriate for pregnant women or those with heart conditions. RSVP is appreciated. Cost is $20/person or one classcard punch.
  • 2014-07-28T19:00
  • One hour

Chi Kung 7-week Class Series with Dan Zegibe

  • This 7 week course in Eternal Spring Chi Kung is open to all levels of Chi Kung practitioner and all age groups regardless of fitness level. Eternal Spring Chi Kung is a tai chi based exercise system with 12 exercises designed to strengthen and heal the body, improve breathing, posture, and range of motion, and improve the flow of chi (or prana) in the body. Cost is drop-in rate, 20 dollars plus tax, or one class card punch.
  • 2014-08-12T16:00
  • One hour class

This pilot course will be taught by Dan Zegibe, a long time tai chi
practitioner and instructor at C.K. Chu Tai Chi in NYC and University of
Bridgeport Martial Arts B.A. Program. According to Dan, results and
well-being can be readily observed, “in the smiling faces that follow
each session.”

Yoga Therapeutics and Ballwork for Shoulders and Low Back with Ellen Saltonstall

  • This workshop addresses common tension patterns and restrictions in the shoulders, neck and lower back which are common to everyone, including yogis. We will look at the biomechanics of these key areas of the body, and practice poses specifically chosen and adapted to help re-align and dissolve tension while also building strength. You’ll come away with fun, practical and effective tools to prevent and heal restrictions in your shoulders and lower back, applicable in any level of yoga practice.
  • 2014-08-10T14:00
  • 4 hours

Class will include Kinetic Awareness, a bodywork method using rubber balls, which dramatically eases tension in the muscles and joints. Ellen will bring the balls, which can be purchases for home use at the end of the day. Please join us for a uniquely informative and enjoyable afternoon! Early bird special is 75 dollars per person before August 1st. Thereafter, cost is 80 dollars.