Teacher Training Testimonials

Amanda B. -- 200-hr YTT 2018

“I’ve been a yogi for over 20 years and becoming a yoga teacher was always on my bucket list.  The right selection of teachers was a critical factor, as well as the time commitment while balancing my role as full-time mom and manager. Having been a regular at Dew for over a decade, I came to know the teachers and their leadership styles very well, which gave me the confidence that this was the right program for me.  And the schedule was flexible and doable.

At the start of the training, I wasn’t sure if I actually wanted to teach.  I knew I wanted to deepen my practice and have the ability to share my love of yoga with others.  I did all of these and more. (And I also learned to truly breathe for the first time.) The bonds formed with my fellow students encouraged my personal growth. The support, inclusion and acceptance of the teachers and students made it an incredibly moving experience and it also brought lots of laughter. To quote Ann, “When the heat builds, that’s where the transformation happens.”

Yoga teacher training also made an impact on my work style.  I was better able to “hold a safe space” for direct employees and colleagues and was more adept at practicing mindfulness in times of conflict.  I highly recommend this program for those looking to deepen their practice, gain self-awareness or hone their own unique style of yoga. This variety and quality of teachers and the safe space to learn and explore the benefits of yoga is a great find and unlike any-other.”

Allison B. -- 200-hr YTT 2017/2018 and 300-hr YTT 2018/2019

“’Go for it!’ My husband’s encouragement only solidified what I was already feeling in my heart and mind. I knew it would be another big undertaking, but beaming with joy I filled out the paperwork to take my second yoga teacher training (YTT) through Be Shri Yoga/Dew Yoga. Now as a graduate of both 200 and 300 hours trainings, I truly believe there isn’t another yoga studio out there offering teacher trainings replicating the magic that Karen Rider and Jen Irwin have created. As masterful teachers in their own right, they have also recruited a team of guest instructors that are absolute experts in their fields of practice to assist with the trainings. I feel honored that I have had the privilege to study under their tutelage. But for me, what makes Karen’s and Jen’s program so special is the surroundings it all takes place in and the camaraderie fostered between teacher and student as well as between classmates. The actual classes are nurturing and taught with utmost compassion. Yes, you will be challenged to step out of your comfort zone, but there is never a sink or swim attitude. And know when you do take these steps, your teachers and classmates are there cheering you on with heart felt support. I could go on and on about the Be Shri/Dew Yoga YTT, but the best advice I can give is to sign-up for one and find out for yourself!!!”

Yogini G -- 200-hr YTT 2017/2018

“If you are ready for an incredible educational, physical, spiritual and emotional ride with amazing leaders, lace up your warrior boots and sign up for Dew YTT. It’s a positive life altering journey that you get to share with fellow yogis who will become your tribe.”

Rich R. -- 200-hr YTT 2018

“When I signed on for the YTT course at Dew Yoga, I was hoping that it would simply make my Yoga practice ….Better. by giving my body more flexibility, and more control in the various asanas,
Although that certainly was the case for all of us, I discovered that it gave me something of far more value. Somewhere during the course, I feel that I became more flexible and in control with both my mind and my emotions. In short as cliche’ as it may sound, my investment, in the YTT Experience, helped to make me….Better. I have nothing but gratitude and appreciation for all of the instructors who guided me through!”

Susan G. -- 200-hr YTT 2017/2018

“It has transformed my life in so many ways. One of the best experiences of my life.”

Sandy H. -- 200-hr YTT 2017/2018 and 300-hr YTT 2018/2019

“The teacher training(s) at Dew is life changing! Karen and Jen (and all the other guest teachers) are a wealth of knowledge and are happy to share with those willing to learn. They teach with compassion and understanding. They provide a safe space for learning and growing as yogis and teachers. I signed up for the 200 hr training adamant in my thinking that I was doing this to deepen my practice. Yet, at the end of that 200 hr training, I was so shocked and surprised at how far I had come in my journey that when the opportunity to sign up for the 300 hr training came around I couldn’t help but sign up, cause I wanted to see what else I was capable of achieving.”


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