Three New Ways to Pay

Unlimited by the Week, Month or Year:
Weekly $39
Monthly $149 (Auto-pay for 4 month term)
One month $200
Yearly $1650
The new unlimited membership options are designed to make a regular practice of 3 times per week more affordable.  The monthly subscription is on auto-pay and comes with terms and conditions which are available when you purchase online or ask us for a printed copy at the desk on your next visit.
New Class Card Rates
All rates now include Sales Tax
Single Class $21.50
10 Class Card $197
20 Class Card $341
The rate changes reflect a very small increase about 1%. For ease we have included the tax in our published rates and rounded to the nearest half dollar.
As an example a single class was $20 + tax = $21.27. New price including tax is $21.50.
Educators, Students & Seniors
Continue to receive 10% off Single, Ten and Twenty Class cards.
We assume no one’s age or profession so remember to ask for your discount at the desk.
Financial Assistance
Our mission is to make Yoga accessible to all.
Either in the long term or due to a temporary circumstance, if our prices are out of reach in your budget we have 3 ways to help you attend classes.
1. Work Trade
2. Sliding Scale
3. Full Scholarship
Please contact Jen to set up assistance.
If you can pay full price, please do.
If you would like to help others afford class, Pay It Forward at the desk on your next visit.

Viki Boyko & Constructive Rest

A couple of days ago, our friend and loved Yoga instructor Viki Boyko shared a very constructive Youtube video she made. Have you heard of Constructive Rest? Viki is asking friends, family, Yogis- everyone– to take 10 to 15 minutes and try a simple method she uses to 1)relieve stress, 2)improve posture and 3)build sensory awareness in your body… “Go 2 it and chillax on my youtube channel.” she quips. “It is FREE and that might just be how your body feels after. Let me know how you get on.”

Check it out here:

Check out an accompanying blog post that tells you a bit more about it here on Vicky’s website: