A Mindful Oasis In Turbulant Times – A Weekend Workshop with Bhante Wimala

  • Please join Bhante Wimala for an afternoon of meditation and insightful discussion about transmuting pain and suffering and manifesting positive changes in your life. Bhante Wimala is a highly trained Buddhist monk from Sri Lanka. He is a master meditation instructor and spiritual guide. We are deeply honored to have him share his presence and positive energy with us this weekend!
  • 2013-03-16T14:00
  • two hours

Traveling for two decades around the globe and studying under many teachers and masters has produced a compassionate and receptive monk in the person of Bhante Wimala. His practical spiritual teachings and down to earth approach make him available, encouraging and understandable. Bhante’s philosophy emphasizes the authenticity of experiencing- above mere speculating- a focus on be-living rather than believing.