Welcome New Friend Catherine de Zagon

Hello Dew friends!

Last year I had the pleasure of meeting Catherine deZagon in one of my Yoga classes. I was touched by her warmth and wisdom. She will be visiting us again soon from her current home in Italy.  Fortunately for all of you, she will be back in the role of teacher and offering individual therapeutic sessions as well.  Catherine brings to Dew a repertoire of healing modalities including; homotoxicology, naturopathy, bioenergetics, holistic massage, Reiki, Bach Flower remedies, nutrition expertise as well as yoga and meditation. Her professional journey is such an interesting one delivering her from Europe to NYC and back again. Catherine, formerly a chef at a successful restaurant in Brooklyn, authored The Challenged Foodie cook book and discovered that food was her path into nutrition, wellness and ultimately holistic healing. Read more about her at her website https://www.catherinedezagon.com/. Please save the date to be delighted and meet Catherine, Sunday June 23rd. She will be meeting and greeting anyone interested from 10 -11:30am as well as booking personal sessions. I hope she might bring us a delicious and wholesome nibble but no promises there. From 11:30am – 12pm Catherine guides meditation. All are welcome and this event is her gift to our community.
She is also scheduled to lead Reiki 1st Degree Training and Certification beginning 6/25 and Body & Mind Energy Workshop 6/29. Sign up online for these events or at the desk, next visit. Space is limited for both.