Connecting More Deeply with Our Bodies – A Holiday Cleanse Meditation with Hope Stanger

  • There are many ways to cleanse, and this sacred time before the new year, right in the middle of the holidays, is when we tend to eat, drink and put our energies out far more than we bring them in. We can find ourselves much more disconnected from our relationship with our bodies and our selves. Sometimes, we are so caught up in everything going on that our only body connection is to how full we feel in our bellies or what we will wear to the next festive gathering. Let’s slow down together and bring back our connection to our intuitive selves. I will guide you in how to do a cleanse from a meditative perspective. Even if we’re not juicing or cleansing with our food, we can cleanse within our bodies and energy centers and release anything unwanted or unnecessary that bogs us down, bloats us up and takes us away from our higher selves. Please bring a journal or notebook along. This class is by donation and is open to everyone.
  • 2014-12-19T18:45
  • one hour