Free Class with Rita! Friday, April 28th

Join us for a FREE class, to try a new instructor that maybe you haven’t before!

9:30-10:45am Open Level Vinyasa with Rita Ende

We asked Rita, off the cuff, what she loves most about teaching yoga… she said, “Community. I love this part of teaching. Watching people connect, share, learn and support each other over the years has been a beautiful experience. While I’ve been studying and learning for over two decades, my greatest teachers are my students. Watching their beautiful bodies move and strive, observing whatever motivates them, and simply listening to what they offer each and every day, how they come, why they come, this is the greatest gift of being a yoga teacher!”

Even if this already is your regular class and already favorite teacher, your class is still on us.
All Karma comes and goes around. Come practice, explore and discover.
Peace, Love, and Light,
Dew Yoga