Happiness as defined by Dew Yogis

A few years ago, we offered a prompt in our guest book. It said, ‘how do you define happiness?”
Here is what students at Dew had to say, enjoy!
How do you define happiness?
“Happiness is receiving what I’ve created in the now.  Om bhur bhuvaasta.”
“Happiness is a warm blanket!  Actually that is how Linus from “peanuts” defines it… but tonight yawn… it works for me.”
“Sunday afternoon yoga”
“Be in the moment and at peace.”
“Happiness is being present in each moment.”
“Ease with self.”
“Coming “home” to true self again and again.”
“Happiness is love without fear,
Happiness is opening to one’s true self.”
“Happiness is peace and warmth.”
“Happiness is a Friday night with Alison channeling “divine energy” to all.”
“Happiness is a peaceful, prosperous mind and soul.”
“Happiness is knowing joy comes out of pain! And in every pain there is joy.”
“Happiness is balance in life and love.”
“Happiness is Yoga with Jeff.”