Monthly Chakra Meditation with Hope Stanger

  • May is the month for focusing on our 4th chakra, the color green, which governs our heart center. This chakra houses the seed of our emotions and feelings and ultimately allows for healthy, balanced relationships – both with ourselves and others. It is a time for us to connect with our concept of love, learned and developed from early on – loving and being loved; worthiness, rejection, intimacy and grief. Our “life stories” help form our ability to have relationships that support healthy, vibrant love. This month, we will identify our own personal relationship with love, clear out any wounded space in the chakra and open our energy centers and our hearts to more profound love.
  • 2015-05-15T18:45
  • 1 hour

Hope Stanger is a holistic therapist and nutritional counselor in Stamford, CT, and the founder of Therapy Beyond Walls, Healing Trauma, Relationships and Eating Disorders. You can read about her at