New Art in the Main Hallway

Have you seen the vibrant and colorful new paintings gracing the hall at the studio? Our super awesome volunteer art curators, Ellen Brezovsky and Susan Gormley, aligned Dew with artist, Wendy Peta Goldman. Wendy delivered and hung these gorgeous Buddhas last week. The colors are such a delightful contrast to the whites and grays of winter outside. I have heard more than one yogi express the temptation to touch the multitude of textures from super glossy to matte and raised. Of course, please keep your hands in your pockets or over your heart unless you decide to procure one for yourself. Thank you Wendy for sharing your talent! Gratitude also to Ellen and Susan who made fast friends in their super cool tribe of Yoga Teachers in our 2017/18 Yoga Teacher Training. When Ellen and Susan turn up as subs on our class schedule, try out their classes and say Namaste.