New @ Dew… Yoga Teacher Discovery

Yogis, We know you love your teachers. We also know we form attachments to our favorite teachers, and sometimes it’s hard to step outside of our regular routines and comfort zones to discover a teacher we may be curious about or a time slot that is not in our regular schedule.

We want to entice you to broaden your learning of Yoga. We have so many wonderful and truly unique teachers and class styles that present our one beloved Yoga from different perspectives. Each week for the next few months we will offer a Teacher Discovery Class – free of charge in hopes that if your financial investment is minimized, you will take the emotional leap and invest your Yoga time into something or someone new to you!

This week! Friday, March 31st from 8:15 – 9:30am
Moderate Kripalu Yoga with Alison Denicola

We asked Alison, off the cuff, what she loves most about teaching yoga

“I love sharing yoga with others, and I especially love helping people discover simple but profound ways to feel good and reconnect with themselves. And that they are perfect and whole just as they are.”

Even if this already is your regular class and already favorite teacher, your class is still on us.All Karma comes and goes around. Come practice, explore and discover!

Peace, Love, and Light,