New Learning Opportunities at Dew

Summer brings an abundance of growth. We readily witness flowers and fruits that light up gardens this time of year. Dew has always had the feel of lovingly tended garden to me. This summer, I observe growth and curiosity alight in the community. More than once, visiting teachers have remarked at the sophistication of our yoga students. It is lovely to hear but not too surprising. We have veteran teachers that continue their own studies, providing a steady stream of wisdom to share. Beyond consistency in our regular classes focused on asana, we are proud to always offer additional teaching on the multitude of yoga practices. The student community is flourishing with knowledge and experience. I love the challenge of keeping you all interested, stimulated, curious and fulfilled!

We have been adding more options to explore meditation teachings from various traditions. This will continue, our community of meditation teachers is expanding. Some of you have known for years; Alison Denicola, Carlo Codato, Amy Livosi, Ann Russell, Robert Ortner, Jackie Tepper, myself and more from the house teaching staff. Welcome to the mix; Oscar Camargo, Rand Littlestone, Steve Lincoln. Try something new, when it works for you, stick with it just as you have on your yoga mat, bring consistency and practice to your meditation seat. Learn mindfulness, practice meditation and experience more conscious ways of living.

In September, we begin a new offering called Learning Lectures. These are classes to be held on Thursday evenings to expand your intellect. The lecture format will include time for group discussion and lecturers may offer simple exercises to enhance the intellectual learning. These are not Yoga classes and there are no physical requirements to participate. Chairs will be offered along with cushion or floor seating. The lectures are a wonderful way to invite friends to the teachings of yoga, particularly those not inclined to mats and yoga poses.

9/5/19 The Power of the Heart with Viki Boyko

9/19/19 The Art of Conscious Communication with Jen Irwin

10/3/19 Yoga, Breathing, and GI Disorders with Dr. Biana Lanson

10/17/19 Supporting the Earth One Meal at a Time with Ryan Andrews

Cost is $30/person for each lecture. RSVPs are helpful for us to plan and continue programming like this.

There are many paths on the mountain. For as many of us unique beings walking the planet there are ways to awaken to a more conscious world. Come learn something new from speakers who have real life practice and expertise in the topics they present. Gathering for learning is a community experience, providing another way to get to know one another.

In October, we plan to offer another way to learn and connect. Dew Stories, will be offered monthly so we may gather together and enjoy listening to real life stories from real people. Story tellers are invited based on their desire to share an inspiring, life changing, humorous, triumphant or environmentally conscious event in their lives. This is how we support and elevate one another. This is how we become friends and share the resource of life wisdom with one another. I hope you will join us, by drawing up a blanket, cushion or chair with a curious ear and an open heart. Dates, times and stories coming soon.

If you are interested in presenting a learning lecture or Dew story, please contact Jen directly.

With love and interest in our growth,
Jen Irwin