Post-Partum Workshop

  • Dew Yoga and Corti Cooper are proud to host three workshops supporting joyful beginnings with Natanya Washburn Certified Doula and Mother of Three.The last of three: Post-Partum Workshop; family bonding; the first few weeks. The First Few Weeks after the new baby’s arrival is a very intimate time that can be an amazing time for bonding, love and connection. It can also be stressful with the many new skills to be understood, the uniqueness of each baby and the lack of sleep and routine. This workshop will offer resources for creating the best experience for the entire family from tips about the all important first few hours after birth and breastfeeding to infant soothing techniques and practical suggestions for how to support Mom. Resources will be provided for further information on all presented topics.
  • 2012-10-13T13:30
  • 2 hours