Sacred Sound Healing Ceremonies with Gongs and other Indigenous Tools

  • Sacred Sound Healing Ceremonies with Gongs and other Indigenous Tools with Gray Jeffery
  • 2012-06-09T19:00
  • 2 hours

Bring a blanket and a pillow, lie down and journey with the primordial rhythm and vibration of the gongs. The array of sounds communes with various parts of the body, bringing healing and balancing. The gongs aid in aligning the body into its natural rhythm.
In these ceremonies we begin with an invocation, meditation, and setting of intention. We call on Spirit to join us as we go inward, and determine what we are working on shedding or calling into our lives. I begin by playing the gong over and around people who are lying in a comfortable and relaxing setting, and then move to the larger gongs for a deep and impactful vibrational experience. I incorporate the drum (the sacred heart beat), condor feathers and the chakapa (Amazonian plant rattle) into the ceremony also. The ceremony closes with giving thanks for our experience, our time together, and for each other.
Ceremonies last for approximately two hours.
Gray Jeffery is a shamanic practitioner who was initiated in the teachings of an Ecuadorian family of healers in the Andes and has been studying and working with shamans and energetic practices since 2001. Gray spent over two years living in Peru’s Sacred Valley managing a healing center and working with the Q’ero and other native shamans. He offers healing and bodywork therapies, sound healing, sacred ceremonies, and leads workshops and trips to Peru and other sacred places. He has performed sacred healing ceremonies in the US, Canada and South America and is based in the Sierra Foothills of northern California.
$30/person. Pre-registration suggested but not required.