The Seven Sounds of Creation

  • The Seven Sounds of Creation is an instrument used by the ancients. This practice clarifies inner dimensions of movement, breath, and sound to unfold and initiate a conscious link between body, breath, and mind.
  • 2011-11-12T14:00
  • 2 hours

Fundamentally, the union extends to one’s spirit. A key function of yoga is to open the center of the spine to recognize one’s natural power. The Seven Sounds of Creation correlate with the cakras (chakras) and support an exceptional way to focus attention sequentially along the spine. Chanting simple, classical sounds may assist one to connect with breath. One may realize increased concentration and create a link between the timelessness of yogic wisdom and your own life. We will investigate the interconnection of dynamic sequenced postures (vinyasas), breath (pranayama), and simple chanting as a gateway to arrive at the inner realm of contemplation.