Svaha: A Fire Workshop with Lyn Girdler

  • Svaha: An offering to the fire. An oblation. A goddess and wife of Agni (fire god). In this workshop we practice intently, deeply. We hold: time, the moment, our sacredness. We build: heat, strength, wisdom, our connectedness. We offer: truth, softness, our breath. Join us in this two hour workshop where we hold asana for an extended period of time. The poses are simple but will be deep. Poetry will be read. Silence will beckon and then we’ll soften into long stretches and deep seated forward bends. The point is to feel your edge and be amazed at your own ability to soften into it. You will learn about what you can hold in order to give up since heat is nature’s way of taking what you don’t need and cleasing one’s spirit. Your body will feel transformed. Your spirit will alight.
  • 2013-12-08T13:00
  • Two hours