Transforming to Light, Love, Power & Passion

  • Universal energy is divinely unique to each individual. When we learn to connect with our individual intelligence, we become able to go with the flow of our unique truth. This inner guidance will always direct us towards a more abundant, passionate, trusting, and playful life. By listening to our divine intelligence, all that we want is drawn towards us.

 This truly unique workshop will help you to move through your own resistance by releasing old belief systems and removing whatever is holding you back by using individualized mantras, guided meditations, centering visualizations, moments of reflective silence, and both individual and group shares
You will feel divine light and energy coursing through your body. You will begin to discover and reconnect with your own truth, feel congruent with all aspects of yourself, and align with your true spirit. Over time, you will learn to access your intuition, manifest your desires, step into your authentic power, and enjoy a Life full of love, joy, sex, power, truth, and abundance. For more information about this workshop, its pricing details, and its leader, click here.
  • 2012-12-21T19:00
  • Three hours