What I Wish You Knew

Dear Fellow Yogis,

If you have a specific question for the teacher, I wish you would ask it before or after class. Sometimes people loudly ask questions when I am in my meditative place and it ruins my practice.


Dear Yogis,

There is an appropriate time and way of asking questions. The studio is a class room after all, and we, the teachers hope to guide your practice and share what precious and unique wisdom we each possess. We, the teachers do also appreciate if questions come before or after class but in the event a question is specific to your safety in the moment, perhaps you could give us a wave or ask for us to come to your mat in a soft voice. 

Let us also keep in mind that the world is a noisy place. If a fire engine passes by, do we consider it an interruption? Or are we grateful there are fire fighters out there at work for the greatest good?

If someone speaks very loudly, do we pause and consider that our own sense of hearing may be finer tuned than theirs?

Learning to still ourselves amidst the turbulence and chaos of the universe, is our practice of Yoga. Perhaps in that seemingly noisy yoga student, your greatest teacher has arrived. 

Love and light,