Y₂ Yin+Yang Yoga Workshop

  • This special workshop is a celebration of Ha-tha yoga and it’s remarkable benefits. Ha(sun)-Tha(moon) are ways to describe the active and passive aspects of yoga postures. Ha or Yang describes the vibrant, fast, energizing side of our being while The or Yin describes the dark, slow, calming side. By bringing these elements into harmony, we can lead a more balanced life, with a deeper inner connection and personal insight. Enjoy two blissful hours moving your body into different postures, first through an active flow, then on a passive style, holding the poses much longer. Exploring the element of chi- life force energy and ending with deep relaxation that will leave you feeling lighter and rejuvenated. All levels welcome, but it will help if you’re familiar with the basics.
  • 2013-08-10T11:00
  • two hours