Dew Yoga offers a variety of special events and workshops. From Yoga Nidra to Aromatherapy and Kids Yoga Teacher Training, there are many options to explore your practice and expand your knowledge.

On Hope Street: Weekly Community Pranayama, Acupuncture and Meditation Circle with Tanvi Gandhi, LAc

Every Monday evening 6:30 – 8pm
at 980 Hope Street in Stamford

Please join us for this special 5-part class:
    • Intention Setting: Creating Space, introduction to group healing, drinking/sipping tea together and sharing intentions in the circle
    • Guided Meditation and Acupuncture: Body Scan, Chakra Meditation as a preparation for Acupuncture
    • Alternate Nostril Breathing:Nadi Shodhana/Meridians Meditation to allow effects of acupuncture to go deeply
    • Integration: Allowing time to integrate and process after the above experience
    • Closing Circle: Gratitude circle by sharing the experience in the group.
All are welcome. Cost is $25/person for this class special. Reservations are appreciated but not required.

On Hope Street: Mindful Resilience with Amy Livolsi

Every Thursday evening 5:15 – 6:15pm
at 980 Hope Street in Stamford

A free class for military, veterans and first responders (police, fire and EMT).
Mindful Resilience is an evidence-based, clinically tested yoga program that was developed specifically for veterans recovering from post-traumatic stress and other psychological difficulties.In this class learn:

      • Basic poses to strengthen, balance, restore the body;
      • Breathing and meditation skills to calm and focus the mind
      • Guided deep relaxation to enhance healing from injuries and to integrate traumatic experiences for a balanced nervous system

In work that presents extraordinary and ordinary stressors, you can replenish your physical and mental resources while building greater resilience for both ordinary and extraordinary situations.

Beginners welcome, no previous yoga experience or sign-up necessary. Injuries can be accommodated. You do not have to touch your toes. There is no good reason not to try Mindful Resilience.

Equinox Meditation and Sound Healing with Alison Denicola

Friday, March 23rd, 7:00 – 8:00pm

The equinox marks the half way point back to the fullest light of the summer. It is the perfect time to revisit intentions and see which seeds are ready to sprout. Join Alison DeNicola and Andrew DeNicola for an equinox meditation with sound healing on Friday March 23nd. We will take a magical journey with meditation and sound to awaken to spring time. Take time to honor yourself, reset and restore your balance and receive the gifts of this practice. 1 Class Card punch or drop-in class rate.

Aromayoga for Positivity and Renewal with Alison Denicola

Sunday, March 25th, 1:30-3:30pm

Join Alison DeNicola on March 25th for a special spring Aromayoga workshop to reawaken from winter and bring body, mind and spirit back into perfect balance.

In this workshop we will explore positivity practices and yoga supported by specific essential oils to realign you with your inner light. The class will include yoga, pranayama, aromatherapy, sound healing and mudras to support greater well-being. A guided yoga nidra will integrate the practice and create the perfect place for deep healing and rest. Feel yourself creating inner space and honoring your true connection with the universe.

This workshop welcomes all levels! Come and experience the awakening of spring!

$40/person. Pre-registration is required.

Theme Weaver: Find Inspiration, Cultivate Your Voice and Create Amazing Classes with Michelle Marchildon


Saturday and Sunday, April 14th and 15th 9:30am – 5pm

The ability to theme a yoga class is partly a gift, and partly a skill we can develop. There are techniques and timings we can learn to make it easier to wake our students up to a greater experience in the body, mind and spirit. If you have a desire to be authentic in your class, tell a story, weave mythology, or create greater connection for your students, then this workshop is for you. We will have fun, find our unique themes and laugh our way to enlightenment.

$125 for one day or $200 for both days. Registration is required.

On Hope Street: Guiding Blissful Savasana for Teachers with Alison DeNicola


Tuesday, May 8th 7:30 – 9pm

$35/person. Registration required.