Dew Yoga offers a variety of special events and workshops. From Yoga Nidra to Aromatherapy and Kids Yoga Teacher Training, there are many options to explore your practice and expand your knowledge.

Building from the Ground Up – 1st Chakra Meditation with Hope Stanger

Friday, January 19th, 6:45-7:45pm

In the New Year, our focus is on giving ourselves a strong foundation in everything we do; a place from which to build, grow, expand and thrive. As we learn techniques for breathing and quieting the mind, and move into a guided meditation, we will focus our attention on our first chakra. This primary energy field corresponds to our early-formed sense of indentity; the right to be here and to have a strong sense of who we are, so that the choices we make in our lives and the relationships we have empower us with a life of health, joy and wellbeing.

**This class is by donation and is open to everyone!!** Catch Hope’s meditation every 3RD FRIDAY OF THE MONTH at Dew Yoga!

Hope Stanger is a holistic therapist and nutritional counselor in Stamford, CT, founder of Therapy Beyond Walls; Healing Trauma, Relationships and Eating Disorders and author of Weigh Your Words and Throw Away Your Scale! You can read about her at

Hope Stanger, HHC
Therapy Beyond Walls – A New Model in Healing Trauma
A New Model in Therapy

Community Pranayama, Acupuncture and Meditation Circle with Tanvi Gandhi, LAc

Monday, January 22nd, 6:00-8:00pm

This special workshop will include:
    • Creating the Space (Inner Alchemy): sipping tea together in the circle to create healing space and set intentions for deep healing for ourselves, and together as a community
    • So’ Ham and Ham’ Sa Pranayama: Guided Breathwork for Nadi Shodhana, Cleansing of Nadis, Channels, and Meridians to prepare for meditation and acupuncture
    • Guided Meditation to delve into deeper states of healing and awareness and open the meridians to receive Acupuncture
    • Integration: 15 mins after Acupuncture to relax, process and integrate
    • Closing Circle and Reflection-Sharing
All are welcome. Cost is $35/person. Registration required.

Aromayoga for Balance and Renewal with Alison Denicola

Sunday, January 28th, 1:30-3:30pm

Reawaken your light and bring body, mind and spirit back into perfect balance.

In this workshop we will explore balancing practices and yoga supported by specific essential oils to realign you with your inner light. The class will include yoga, pranayama, aromatherapy, sound healing and mudras to support greater well-being. A guided yoga nidra will integrate the practice and create the perfect place for balanced healing and rest. Feel yourself creating inner space and honoring your true connection with the universe.
This workshop welcomes all levels! Come and experience the balance within! $40/person. Registration is required.

Restorative Yoga with Reiki Healing with Rita Trieger & Fern Guerra

Sunday, February 4th,  1:30-3:30pm

A delicious blend of hands on and Yoga healing. Join Rita Trieger and Fern Guerra for two hours of restorative yoga while receiving hands on or hands above Reiki healing.

Restorative Yoga is ‘passive’ Yoga where the body is fully supported with blankets, bolsters and blocks in Yoga postures to enhance the flow of prana through specific pathways in the body for nourishment and restoration.

Reiki is the healing art of encouraging the flow of ones own energy (universal life force) through the body. Reiki promotes healing on all levels and leaves one feeling relaxed, soothed and with a general sense of well being.

$45/person. Pre-registration is required.