News: Prenatal Yoga

  • Prenatal Yoga begins May 19th. Wednesdays 6-7:15pm with Dale.
  • 2010-05-19T00:00

Crystal Bowl Healing Performance with Jay Schwed

  • Don’t miss Jay Schwed as he travels through our area. Crystal Bowl healing vibes to fill your heart and massage the soul.
  • 2013-08-13T19:00
  • 2 hours

Together we will create a “living mandala” reclined in a circle with Jay and his singing bowls in the center.

In his words, “Since September 11, 2011, I have been performing across our beautiful country, assisting people in learning how to raise their vibrational frequencies with my collection of singing crystal bowls, alchemy bowls, Tibetan Bowls, sound infused aromatherapy mists, and magical morphing lights.

During this performance I open, clear and balance the Chakras and then call in Dolphin Spirit who makes everybody smile and laugh. People find this quite enchanting. One of my Tibetan Bowls sings just like a dolphin.This is followed by teaching people how to call in the Angels. Audiences everywhere not only hear Angels singing, but also see them. I close my performance teaching everybody 3 sacred tonal keys designed in The Temples of King Solomon to be used in this era, as the year 2012 approaches. ”

Watch his You Tube video here. And visit his website here.

$25/person in advance, $30 at the door. Pre-registration strongly suggested, this very special event is likely to sell out.

Grand Opening Photos!

  • Check out the gallery of photos from the Grand Opening, you might find your friends or yourself!
  • 2010-03-23T22:00

Happy Hips and Blissful Back with Rita Trieger

  • Yoga with a purpose – finding comfort and freedom in your low back and hips!
  • 2012-07-22T17:45
  • 2 hours

When your hips are tight, your back gets sore. In this workshop we’ll explore ways to release and open the hip joints and psoas muscles while we strengthen the core, ease back pain and awaken the spine.

$35/person, pre-registration recommended. 2 karma spots available, contact Jen.

Rita Trieger is the founder and editor-in-chief of Fit Yoga magazine, as well as the author of Yoga Heals Your Back (Fairwinds, 2005), and Tranquil Mind, a meditation and yoga CD.

A nationally known and sought after teacher, Rita incorporates many different traditions into her inspiring and challenging flow-style classes. She is also a certified Relax and Renew (restorative yoga) teacher as well as a Reiki practitioner.
Rita lives, practices, and teaches yoga in New York City, and in Connecticut at Elements Yoga, Stamford Hospital’s Health and Fitness Institute and the Bennett Cancer Center. More recently, Rita has been hired as the stress management facilitator for the newly established Center for Integrative Medicine and Wellness, also at Stamford Hospital. Her dedicated students are truly a testament to her genuine, spirited style.

Raffle Drawing Video!

  • Here is the raffle drawing video! Congrats to the winners and thanks to all who made a donation!
  • 2010-03-23T18:00

An Evening of Music and Chant with Satya Franche – Ma Kirtan

  • Ecstatic chant, Yoga music,fun, community and good vibes!
  • 2011-10-21T19:00
  • 2 hours

High-energy evening featuring Satya Franche and friends.Drummers, flute players, conch blowers etc. are welcome to join in. Sink into the sweet Mystery on wings of song led by these ecstatic bhaktas. $10 – 15 donation requested, children free. Reservations Recommended. Kirtan follows Yoga with Ann Russell.

Satya Franche leads kirtan in the NY area and beyond, and is the founder of Ma Kirtan. A singer since childhood, a Berklee graduate, she has worked extensively as a session vocalist/jingle singer. The guru guides her new CD, “Love is in the Name”.

Satya Franche; Ma Kirtan is an ensemble that is ever changing in its roster. This makes for a different experience for each gathering of repetition of the name. Ram Ram!!

Breaking Free From Stress with Ben Spang

  • Breaking Free From Stress With Ben Spang, Psychotherapist and Certified Yoga Instructor
  • 2010-05-15T13:30
  • 2 Hours

Are you having difficulty: Adapting to a continually changing environment? Facing the demands of your work life? Coping with the issues and pressures of family? Managing feelings of fear, worry or sadness? If so, join us.

You will learn: Breathing, meditation, mindfulness and relaxation techniques to tap into your inner wisdom How to move beyond stress and live more fully in the present How to transform destructive patterns of thoughts, feelings and behavior How to live life with purpose, passion and love.

$35/person, minimum 8 required. 2 Karma Recipient spaces are available for this class, contact


  • 2010-03-20T01:00
  • Welcome home and jai baghwan to Jeff Gallin on his Kripalu Teaching Certification!

Introduction to Feldenkrais Two with Lisa Shufro

  • Second Introduction to Feldenkrais system of movement. Complementary to Yoga and embraced by musicians, athletes and individuals with movement challenges.
  • 2010-05-02T12:00
  • Two hours

Lisa’s first small-group workshop at Dew Yoga was “sold out.” Students like Karen Mitchell said, “Lisa is a gifted teacher. After doing just a few simple techniques, I was delighted with how much better I felt and moved.”

Now Lisa is back with a second fun session introducing the Feldenkrais Method (FM) for moving with ease. This workshop is perfect for newcomers or for those who participated in the first session.
Feldenkrais is the art and science of “feeling better through moving better.” FM is not yoga or Pilates, but it works great with both.
Here’s what happens in class:
Simple, easy movements are done sitting, lying or standing
No strain, no stretching. No “wrong way” to do it
Paying attention to fine details so your body effortlessly “learns” to move more naturally and with greater ease
Very relaxing,yet subtly invigorating
You feel more aware and alive!

In this new session, Lisa – a certified instructor in the Method — will expand on the lessons of the first class and introduce new lessons and techniques.

$25/person, minimum 8 students. Please register in advance.

About Lisa
Lisa Shufro graduated from the Feldenkrais Professional Training Program of New York after four years of study with original students of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, the creator of the Method. Now on the faculty of the Feldenkrais Institute of New York, she continues advanced studies to help children with motor development disorders.

Six Weeks Pilates Series with Fran Morina and Tracy Bloom

  • Six weeks of Pilates to empower from within. Get grounded, toned and feeling great in your body,just in time for summer!
  • 2010-04-05T16:30
  • Mondays and Wednesdays 4:30 – 5:30pm

Developed by Joseph Pilates, it is a safe, sensible exercise system that will help you to look and feel your very best, no matter what your age or condition. Pilates improves core strength, flexibility, agility and economy of motion. It can even help alleviate back pain and other chronic ailments.

Fran has been passionate about physical fitness and nutrition for
most of her life and eight years ago, after her third child was born,
decided to pursue her passion by obtaining her Yoga Fit yoga
certification. Her style of teaching has been greatly influenced by
the Anusara Yoga Method.
Five years ago Fran was introduced to Pilates and
became devoted to the principles that Joseph Pilates developed. She
became a regular practitioner and devotee to the Authentic method which
then lead her to the Art of Control (SUNY Purchase) Pilates apprentice
program in the fall of 2008 teaching both apparatus and mat.

Tracy Bloom LMT, BS is an Authentic Pilates instructor, nationally
ranked weightlifter, licensed massage therapist, and ACE certified
personal trainer. Majoring in theater and writing at Columbia
University and a published writer, she has also rowed competitively and
competed in long distance triathlons.

Mondays with Fran and Wednesdays with Tracy. Fran and Tracy have trained and been teaching together for many years. They make an excellent team to offer variety and consistency. $222/person, minimum 6 students.

You must register in advance for the series by contacting us or (203)524-2919.