Dew Does Seva

What is seva? Seva means selfless service and is a part of Yoga practice as well as other traditions of spirit, community and ritual. Selfless service or Seva is a service which is performed without any expectation of result or award for the person performing it.
Seva can be as simple as picking up litter from the street, holding a door for a stranger, paying it forward in line for coffee by purchasing someone else’s drink. Seva may mean to raise awareness for a group or organization that needs support. Wonderful people in the Dew Yoga community perform seva all the time. I see it happen on a daily basis and get reminded to apply my mind and energies to be of service to my world without expectation of result.
Our teachers have been stepping up their seva this month for Pride.
Last week, Rich Rovegno led a donation class to support GLSEN ( and raised $283 to contribute to their efforts.
Up next, this Thursday, June 27, Laura Masi offers Open Level Yoga Class by donation to support TCC, Triangle Community Center in Norwalk ( Please spread the word and join her from 7:30 – 8:45pm for some fun flow open to al levels. 100% of contributions – cash or check to Triangle Community Center.
Our students arrive in service daily, I am grateful for the angels who donate paper products, gift everyone with flowers, help us to sweep or fold blankets. Students in service sometimes work the desk, pass out fliers for us, offer help greeting students at special events.
While all our acts of seva are performed without expectation of a result, we all feel the benefit and receive the good feeling of being useful, helpful and a meaningful part of something greater than ourselves.
In gratitude and mutual support,