Have you tried Japa Meditation with Ann Russell?

Japa is meditation performed by repetitive recitation of a mantra, name, prayer or affirmation. I explored Japa early on in my meditation and yoga practice. It was quite accessible for me as a beginner with a very active mind. The affirmation or mantra is offered by the teacher and recited or chanted out loud together and ultimately silently to oneself. Sometimes a mala, or string of 108 beads is used to track the number of repetitions, defining a beginning and end to the practice. Having a tactile reference in my hands and words to form with my mouth helped me to reign in my busy mind. I found great peace of mind by employing the activity of my thinking mind in japa. While engaging the mind there is the added benefit of engraining an affirmation in your being. There are many variations of the practice and similar practices are found in other contemplative traditions.  Try Japa meditation in the loving care and guidance of Ann Russell. She offers japa practice in seva (selfless service – no fees are charged) after all of her classes:
Monday at 6:30pm
Tuesday at 12:15pm
Saturday at 5:45pm
No mala beads are required, bring no worries, she will teach you the pronunciation and meaning of the mantras.
This month her Japa practice is a Shanti Mantra for Divine Guidance.