Peace Amidst the Pieces with Bernadette Birney

  • We tend to think of ‘keeping it together’ as a good thing. Sometimes it is. Then there are those times when no matter how we try to prevent it- things fall apart. Enter the goddess for whom brokenness is a superpower. She rides a crocodile, wears a fractal universe as jewelry, and creates and re-creates herself by literally shattering apart. She knows we can be greater- rather than lessened- for the experiences that break our hearts open. She teaches us that in vulnerability lies strength, how to be in flux, and that we have the power and choice to refashion our identities and lives, and to put ourselves back together however we choose- with the imagination of a mosaic artist, and with a power we may have never imagined. Come claim these abilities for yourself through conversation, journaling, and asana. This practice will begin with an engaging discussion of Goddess Akhilandeshvari and contemporary application of her teachings. A 60 minute open to all levels asana practice will follow and conclude with journaling and sharing.
  • 2014-09-26T18:00
  • Two hours