Fire Practice: Igniting Your Light at the Navel Center with Joe Somodi

  • Yoga is about transformation. The only way to do this is to approach the fire. This workshop is about discovering that inner spark that will ignite your fire and bring about lasting change. The approach is simple. We will use the navel center as our focus. You will incorporate breathing techniques, visualizations, mantra, and yoga postures to create a palpable energetic experience at the navel. Once you have captured and contained it, you will move that energy where it needs to go through a guided meditation for profound healing and empowerment. The practice will help you become more creative, courageous and resilient, ultimately helping you cope with life’s most uncertain moments. If these are the qualities you hope to cultivate in your practice, then this workshop is perfect for you. Come with an empty stomach and an open heart.
  • 2013-10-19T14:00
  • One hour and thirty minutes

Joe Somodi is a life long teacher, author, visionary, public speaker, certified yoga professional and steady expert. He leads sold out workshops and retreats all across the country and has steadied hundreds of individuals, groups and companies with his unique teachings and philosophies. An avid rock climber, he will help you reach the top of the mountain.