What a Pain in the Neck! with Bernadette Birney

  • Is your neck one of the places where you tend to hang onto stress? Yoga can absolutely help with that, but for some of us spending a lot of time on our hands can also exacerbate cranky necks. What’s a yogi to do? Come learn some alignment maps designed to help you decompress your neck! This workshop may change the way you think about your practice, and change the way you move, in a good way. We’ll also do some specific neck stretches that are gentle but effective, and do some active release therapies that will help free up your tight neck muscles. Please bring a couple of tennis balls or similar kinds of balls with you. Cost is 40 dollars per person.
  • 2014-10-26T14:00
  • Two hours

Natural First Aid Class with Laura DePreta

  • This class will show you alternative remedies to deal with cold and flu, food poisoning, childhood illnesses, injuries, and more. It is empowering to have even a small tool kit, to help yourself and your loved ones, rather than always running to the doctor. We will discuss herbs, homeopathic remedies, energy medicine, how foods heal or harm, and more. “1st aid kits” available for sale. Cost is one drop in rate or one class card punch. You may sign up by email to us or call 203 744 9642.
  • 2014-11-09T10:30
  • One hour

Dew Knitting Group

  • As the nights draw in, come along to Dew Yoga and find a welcoming community to enjoy this creative pastime.Viki Boyko will also be happy to show you a few gentle knitters’ stretches and maybe learn a mudra or two for fun! She loves both yoga and knitting but still hasn’t mastered standing on her head and knitting with her toes!
  • 2015-01-13T17:00
  • Group is open from 5 to 7pm

Stitch wizards and beginners welcome! Make gifts for the holiday season. No needles or yarn? We will try to help! All ages are welcome. No sign-up required. Class is free, donations are welcome.

Asana for Awareness: Slow Flow Vinyasa for Charity with Aimee Elsner

  • Join Aimee Elsner for a slow flow asana for breast cancer awareness. All are welcome! Cash and check donations will go to Stamford Hospitals Financial Aid, helping individual families. Please make checks out to Stamford Hospital. Option to purchase a Raffle ticket for three private yoga sessions with Aimee. 5 dollars for three raffle tickets, 10 dollars for five raffle tickets.
  • 2014-10-18T16:30
  • 75 minutes

Yoga Nidra with Metta Meditation with Jen Irwin

  • Yoga Nidra is practiced lying down comfortably. It is a deep guided relaxation that systematically encourages tension release from every part of the body leaving the practitioner feeling rested, relaxed and recharged. Enjoy 35 minutes of deep relaxation in Yoga Nidra and 10 minutes of seated meditation on loving kindness aka Metta. The meditation will include instruction on a simple and easy to use meditation tool that invokes and radiates benevolence. No fee class, no registration required. Monetary donations of 1 dollar and up benefit Domus Kids!
  • 2014-10-03T18:45
  • 45 minutes

Tarot and Treats with Alison Denicola

  • Have you every wanted to read Tarot cards or have a reading? The world of tarot cards is amazingly easy to learn and explore. In this workshop you will learn techniques to read cards for yourself or for your friends. We will cover the fundamentals of Tarot reading as a tool for self inquiry and tapping into your own intuition. In this workshop you will learn the basics of the major arcana and the suits. We will practice giving mini-readings and exploring the powerful messages for knowledge and fun. We will also have delicious wholesome treats prepared by Laura DePreta as we blast through the veils and uncover our natural intuition. The workshop will utilize the Rider Waite deck. Bring your own deck, questions, curiosity and your sense of adventure. Need a deck? Decks available at Dew Yoga. 40 dollars per person. Pre-registration is appreciated.
  • 2014-11-01T14:00
  • Two hours

Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra Teacher Training with Jennifer Reis

  • Please note this training is from January 7 thru the 11th, 830am to 5pm each day. Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra is one of the most accessible and nourishing forms of healing and restoration. An inspired and inclusive practice, this guided meditation allows you to experience deeper levels of inner freedom than you ever imagined possible. Jennifer created Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra Teacher Training to embody and transmit everything that is necessary and practical for people who desire to lead themselves and others in yoga nidra. In this training you will understand how Divine Sleep yoga nidra balances the Nervous System, learn about chronic stress and its effects, discover the differences between Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra and other forms of relaxation, understand Divine Sleep as both a science and art form, gain in depth understanding of the koshic levels of being and how this model forms the structure of the Divine Sleep yoga nidra practice and much more. Included in this training is a proprietary 180 page manual containing detailed information and inspiration for understanding thoroughly Divine Sleep yoga nidra and its applications. This training offers 40 CE credits. Cost is 685 plus sales tax per person. Early birds save 35 dollars and pay 650 plus tax before December 1. Pre registration is required.
  • 2015-01-07T08:30
  • 8 and a half hours

Handstand Clinic with Jen Irwin

  • Turn it upside down! In this one hour clinic, learn how to safely engage the mind and body for the inverted posture: handstand. We will adventure into or fine tune your handstand and cover modifications, benefits and contraindications for unique challenges and all body types. Some Yoga experience is expected. Do not eat a big meal before this class. Not appropriate for students who are pregnant or have any injuries to wrists, shoulders or hands. Cost is 20/person or one class card punch.
  • 2014-10-06T19:00
  • one hour

Yoga Teacher Enrichment Series – Sanskrit Pronunciation with Terrence

  • Learn the Sanskrit alphabet as well as the meanings and proper pronunciation of 15 common asana names. This class will be led in a call and response format and allow time for questions and individual assistance. There is no asana practice in this class. Dress comfortably for seated instruction. Bring a notebook and pen. Please note: This training is specifically designed for yoga teachers or yoga teachers in training. This class is one of a five class series. You may enroll for any of the five classes individually or the entire series at a discounted price.
  • 2014-12-01T19:00
  • one and a half hours

Yoga Teacher Enrichment Series – Crash Course in the Chakras

  • Chakra Crash Course, learn the color, seed sound, sanskrit names, physical and metaphysical influences and one pose associated with each chakra. Ann Russell will discuss a brief history, tantra, locations, color, tattvas, and vrittis. She will take you through appropriate asana or mudra while exploring each of the chakras. Please note: this training is specifically for yoga teachers or yoga teachers in training. This class is one of a five class series. You may enroll for any of the five classes individually or the entire series at a discounted price.
  • 2014-11-03T19:00
  • one hour and a half