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Chanting Basics and Benefits

  • Chanting is an ancient meditative and self healing practice. In this seventy five minute special class learn some of the science involved and experience the elevating effects as we move the sound current through us with mantra and music. The class will utilize chant technology from the Kundalini Yoga tradition but this class is appropriate for anyone, regardless of yoga background or experience. Please dress in comfortable yoga attire as we will move our bodies as well as our souls in this practice. Cost is 20 dollars per person or one classcard punch.
  • 2014-01-21T19:15
  • One hour and a quarter

Jackie Tepper is a Registered Yoga Teacher certified in Kundalini Yoga and has been teaching Kundalini Yoga, Neshama Yoga TM and meditation for seven years. Jackie studied under the internationally renowned Kundalini Yoga masters Ravi Singh and Ana Brett. She is also a certified Radiant Child Yoga instructor, having completed her training with Shakta Kaur Khalsa. Jackie, a former lawyer, began practicing Kundalini Yoga at a time when her physical, emotional and spiritual health were severely compromised. She quickly experienced many significant healing benefits of Kundalini Yoga and credits it with being a major factor in her transformation to a much healthier and happier being.

Class Special – Open Level Charity Class with Corti and Connie

  • Corti Cooper and Connie Adamcio will lead a donation based open level class benefitting Give Back Yoga’s program, Mindful Yoga Therapy for Veterans, based out of Newington, CT. The program incorporates a variety of yoga practices, including Asana, Pranayama, Meditation and Yoga Nidra. Yoga Nidra is recognized as a Tier I Integrative Medicine Modality for working with PTSD in military settings. The Mindful Yoga Therapy Multi-Media Practice Guide features yoga practices that were developed to help returning soldiers cope with PTSD, traumatic brain injury and depression. Cash and check donations accepted at the door.
  • 2013-12-21T16:00
  • one and a half hours

Radical Relaxation: Evolution of a Revolution with Joe Somodi

  • This workshop will teach you how to radically relax but in the most productive and meaningful way. Why is this relaxation radical? Because very few people understand the physical components that induce the body into a deeper state of rest and even less actually practice it on a regular basis. Not only will you learn what the body needs in order to relax, you will receive countless tools for a daily practice. Passive relaxation is very popular, like watching television, hanging out with friends or getting a massage. This workshop is about active involvement. It’s about using internal awareness, visualizations, physical poses and breath work to release stress and anxiety. This workshop will be very inter active. You will be asked to reflect on your own life and make new commitments. Independent studies will give you the opportunity to be in the driver’s seat of your own relaxation destination. You will also receive a mini-workbook that will give you space to reflect and jot down all your ah ha moments. You are in for a radical ride, but are you ready to truly relax?
  • 2013-11-16T14:00

Meditation Basics & Benefits with Jackie Tepper

  • This class is for anyone who wants to learn why it’s so important to meditate and acquire simple breath techniques which can be done at home, in the office, or anywhere to reduce stress, clear the mind, increase focus and concentration or just to literally breathe easier. Learn proper breathing and a variety of breath exercises to achieve a greater sense of well-being. If you’ve been intimidated by the concept of meditation, this workshop will give you very simple tools to start to incorporate meditative practices into your life. Cost is 20 dollars per person or one class card punch. Pre-registration is required. Please email us to save your space.
  • 2015-03-11T19:30
  • One hour

Class Special – Halloween Oracle Card Reading

  • Are you curious to learn how to read oracle cards for yourself and your friends? It is an incredibly easy and insightful process to assist you in your day to day life. Join Alison DeNicola for a quick, one hour lesson on how to use oracle cards. We will learn simple spreads and everyone will get a reading as well as a Halloween treat made by Laura DePreta.
  • 2013-10-29T19:00
  • one hour

Japa Meditation with Ann

  • Learn and practice this form of meditation which focuses the mind on a mantra that is repeated once for each bead on a mala, a string of one hundred and eight prayer beads. This month, Ann introduces you to the mantra, Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha. There will be a discussion on its meaning in our Yoga practice and daily lives and instruction on using a mala to count the repetitions. This form of meditation is particularly useful for those who have trouble keeping the mind from straying off during meditation practice as it uses a tactile focus, fingers on the beads, as well as a mental focus, thinking mind on the mantra. Bring your own mala, or purchase one at Dew. Meditation is by donation of any amount to the instructor. No experience is necessary, all are welcome.
  • 2014-01-17T18:45
  • One hour

Partner Thai Yoga Bodywork with Robert Ortner

  • Partners learn how to move and stretch one another into healing and delightful Yoga postures. This form of bodywork is usually preformed on the floor, and participants wear comfortable clothes that allow for movement. Thai Yoga can be traced back as far as 2,500 years, and has its roots in the ancient healing traditions of Ayurveda. Robert Ortner leads the experience for duos of all kinds: friends, life mates, siblings, neighbors, you can even stretch your boss. No Yoga experience is necessary, only a desire to give and receive Yoga. Cost is 45 dollars per person, with an early bird discount of 40 dollars per person until March 1.
  • 2015-03-29T13:00
  • Workshop ends at 4pm

Absolute Beginner’s Workshop with Rita

  • Jump start your practice-Get the basics in a two hour workshop.The foundations of breathing, postures, and meditation will all be covered as well as modifications for injuries and other physical conditions. $35 Per person. Pre-registration is required.
  • 2014-03-23T13:30
  • Two hours

The Iyengar Teachers at Dew have planned a Yoga Retreat to Grenada

  • We have planned a wonderful trip to Grenada- the Spice Island- as a Yoga retreat and vacation. This year, we have found a beautiful house which accommodates twelve guests in one building, all master bedrooms en suite. The house is on the beach plus has the largest infinity pool on the island. We have made special arrangements for a chef who will provide daily breakfast, seven lunches, and five dinners. There will be two yoga sessions each day, one by Michele and one by Silvana. The rest of the day is yours to enjoy. The beach, swimming, boating, golf, hiking, side trips, shopping… This is a very friendly island with lots to do. Within walking distance to local stores. The cost is 1,690 per person, excluding the flight to Grenada, including transfer to the house. Sign up fast as we will fill up quickly. Contact Michele to learn more.
  • 2013-10-07T15:00

Qigong Workshop with Robert Ortner

  • Join Robert for this exciting new workshop where we will learn a complete Wu Gi Qigong sequence, combining it into an easy and fun routine. There will be an optional 4 week series to practice and memorize the full sequence. Qigong pronounced (chee gung), is an ancient health maintenance system from China that combines breathing, slow movement, and visualizations into a simple and elegant practice that can look like simple stretching or meditation. But inside, Qigong is a practice that can teach us how to realize the potential of our “Qi” in every cell and organ in our bodies. This workshop is 40 dollars per person. Please register in advance.
  • 2013-12-01T13:00
  • Two and a half hours